T Shirts

0. Tennis Father and Son Hoag's

Will and Mark Hoag, very proud to become friends with this tennis family.in

New Project (95)

Bobette Martin, 30 something years ago she sailed with a good group from Key West to Miami, we met Mel Fisher, what a story.

2. Courtster

Courtland and Lisa Peddy, were very gracious to buy a boat from Bryan Long Long Yachts, we have been boating for over 30 year years with our families.

3. Cousins Thanksgiving

Cousins, Rick and Jonathan, the best! as well as the rest of the Salter Family! Never seen anything as beautiful as the love this family has. Glad to be a small piece and experience how to do it it right! RIP Keith, my real brother!

5. Tennis Buds

Walter "Butch" Collins, Bob "the first " Arrington , Bryan Long , Fred Detweiler (Detroit token) I am thankful to play with these guys and then have a beer on "Room Service" We have been playing over 20 years together.

6. BK working at his office

Bob Kennedy working at his office, which sounds sarcastic, but he does everyday in Key West, can't help himself!

Gavin in Monaco

A good friend and tennis buddy Gavin Banta wearing the Room Service shirt in Monaco, not the model you would like to see on the cover of Southern Boating but he is one hell of a tennis "Keep away from Bryan player"!

A. Cape May July 2023

In Cape May July 2023, a dockside friend who Heather and I had a blast with enjoyed the shirt. Caught a random picture walking down the dock.

B. Brian Platt

Brian Platt, a friend I met 35 years ago in Brindisi, south Italy doing a semester off college , my friends from New Orleans and he and Jay Arata from Boston became good friends and still are.

C.-Brett-Harris-in-Mexico (1)

Brett Harris has spent time on "Room Service" the 41 Morgan out island sailboat that we crossed the gun of Mexico in 37 years ago will still wear Room Service in 2023 catching a sailfish in Mexico.

Sticker in Annapolis

Occasional "Room Service' Sticker

New Project (92)

Gregg Quinlan, resides Louisiana with his daughter, I believe his daughter commandeered his shirt. Gregg sailed many times aboard "Room Service" with his FIJI fraternity brothers, all great guys!

New Project (93)

Clay Bloodworth, We are life long friends and still hang together every chance we can, with Bret Harris and Kenny Peacock. I remember like yesterday when Ed Wall flys to Freeport with an ice chest of "Popeyes" fried chicken and dress clothes early in the morning! more pics to come!

New Project (94)

Angelo Golemi, A Louisiana friend and great crawfish cooker here in Fort Lauderdale, it is great that he appreciates the "Room Service" It would have to take me years to explain to him the "Room Service" Bahamas 1987 shirts.

12. Cousin in Copenhagen

"Cousins in Copenhagen, Our Room Service T Shirt made it to Copenhagen

13. Jude Sea

"Jude Sea" We made these shirts for a good client and friend of 25 years


"PC in the pool" Past Commodore/Friend and Client in the Pool with Bryan Long Yachts Shirt


Happy Birthday Barbara, you are the best. You started this beautiful life we all are living and we love you for it! Thanks your daughter Heather, Colton,Parker and Bryan. Me are all measured by your friends, Laura Beth, Judy, Debbie, and many more!

D. David Zwick

David Zwick was running a boat through Beaufort NC, where he recognized Heather cleaning the teak we went out that night and had some great laughs, our boys grew up together