Books from the Pilothouse

Books from the Pilothouse

Wind from The Carolinas

"Wind from the Carolinas" is one of the best books I have read, it should be the "To kill a mocking bird" of the Bahamas, required reading for high school students. A great story with the history of the Bahamas.

New Project (90)

“ The Land Remembered” This is an amazing book for the history of Florida, again should be a high school recommended reading for Florida, It goes into the early years of land ownership and some earlier families, one of which I thought originated in New Orleans, “Lykes” which I was fortunate enough to grow up with. Come to find out through the book they are from South Carolina and then just slightly north of Tampa in the mid 1800’s. Good story in itself.


Ship of Gold : A friend suggested reading this book, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it had a little of everything into a great story. History, science, technology, places, and people. It had Mel Fisher, who I happen to meet in Key West when sailing through the keys to get to the Bahamas. Mel Fisher on its own is a great story.

After you read the book, Google the main character.

New Project (91)

"The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry who has ties to New Orleans and has written some prize winning books including the "The Rising Tide" of the Mississippi River flooding of 1927, which I have not read yet. "The Great Influenza" book has informed me of how quickly and lethal a virus can be, also how primitive our medical studies were at the end of the 19th century. One interesting piece of the book was how a mail boat delivered mail to remote areas in late 1918 and after it left, 60 percent of the small population was decimated, in the out islands of Alaska to Newfoundland on the other coast.

The Fish that ate the Whale

"The Fish that ate The Whale" another great story that I had no idea about or knew of the name. It's roots from my hometown is a good read and a good amount of history with a good story.

John McEnroe

John McEnroe "You cannot be Serious" this is an excellent book of his life offering the trials and tribulations that is takes to compete at that level, It seems that anyone in any aspect of life that excels to the highest level had paid into the goal with more than blood, sweat and tears.

Deceived Stella Barcelona

We are pleased to know this author for many years, even the beginning of her career, It becomes apparent like all things including the book before John McEnroe that it takes a desire, perseverance, and downright gut! to be able to achieve these levels. She has spent countless hours writing and studying all things. I have a saying "Be a Student not a Professor, but if you have the attention of a Student, Profess" BL thought from the pilothouse. This book is authentic New Orleans, Enjoy the read.


Elon Musk Book We did not know about the history of Elon Musk, and what a great job Walter Isaacson did in writing the book. He spent at least 1.5 years living with Elon and his family and getting to know his X Wife, Wife and many kids as well as his mom, brother, friends and associates. He was given full access to all things Elon with Elon doing no revisions. There seems to be a common denominator of greatness which could be a tough childhood or upbringing.